Makro Teknik Proaktif


Makro Proaktifs will deliver service to every corner in the world! 

As Makro Teknik, we continue to act with the strategy “Now we are closer to you”. Analyzing the market researches we have carried out with our experience since 1990s, we continue to create the future roadmaps. In the first months of 2010, we have put Makro Teknik Expresses into operation, and in the first phase, they were launched in Antalya, Adana, Istanbul, Gaziantep, and Batman provinces. With the Makro Teknik Expresses, the number of which is planned to be increased to ten until the end of the year, we started to deliver every product required in construction sites by the master builders under one single roof to the customers.

By the second half of 2010, we have commenced the second step of this strategy, Makro Teknik Proaktifs. Makro Teknik Proaktif consists of knowledgeable, equipped individuals who are experienced in the sector, and who know the customers and products. This project is the next extension of our service based on “now we are closer to you” principle. The basis of this system that we call the matrix organization is the mobile elements that reach our customers both in and out of the country.

We have created the first Makro Proaktif in the Arabian geography. Makro Proaktif which will be responsible for countries like Syria, Iraq, Iran, United Arab Emirates, started operation in August. In august, it has started its activities as Makro Teknik Proaktif.

Makro Proaktifs are the capillaries of our system, they are mobile, and supported by the experience and power of Makro Teknik. By opening our doors to every self-confident candidate who knows the sector, thinks in parallel with Makro Teknik’s ethical values and principles, who are willing to establish and run business, and gain income without investing capital, we are creating employment with a new business model.

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