Makro Teknik Express


Established in 1998 with our field experience, applications and construction site tradition since 1990, and developing with its vision of constant progress, we, as Makro Teknik, are carrying the Makro service quality to everywhere in Turkey


 By carrying out long-term market researches between 2008 and 2009, we have determined the needs of the market. Acting with a differentiation strategy, we named the new business model “Makro Teknik Express”.

Makro Teknik Expresses have been established based on the principle of delivering service to our customers throughout Turkey. Materials needed by the sector are offered to our customers in a wide product range and every need is met.

The system which is based on the principle of meeting orders of any size from all around Turkey, from one package to a truck load, represents our brand and purchasing power as Makro Teknik. Makro Teknik Express points deliver our customers both the products of Makro Teknik and the important national and international brands we distribute.

Makro Teknik Expresses continue to exist and develop rapidly all around Turkey with their innovative, prescient and difference-making pioneer identity. Makro Teknik Expresses will be implemented rapidly in the regions that have become the centers of attraction in Anatolia, large cities, and the cities with potential.
Makro Teknik Express points:


















































Falken - Iraq





Global mekanik - İstanbul





Torkem - Bursa



Elta - Diyarbakır




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