Makro Teknik 444 2 MKR


Single number for service everywhere from Makro Teknik: 444 2 MKR (657)

In the recent years, we have developed brand new projects by carrying out thorough market analyses. With the Makro Teknik Express system we established with the strategy to reach our customers everywhere in Turkey, we started to deliver the orders, either a single package or one truck load, directly and first-hand, from the manufacturer to our customers.
We offer our clients national and international brands with the Makro Teknik Expresses which started operation in cities with important economic potential.

We, as Makro Teknik, started implementing steadily the steps we have planned after setting our strategy for year 2010 as “now we are closer to you”.

Subscribing to the special phone number 444 2 657, i.e. 444 2 MKR, we have started to activate our service primarily in Istanbul city center and Express points. Our customers willing to contact Makro Teknik and Makro Teknik Expresses can dial 444 2 MKR, i.e. 444 2 657. When a customer dials 444 2 MKR (657) from the region or construction site s/he is in, s/he is automatically directed to the Express point that will serve him/her. Memorizing only the phone number 444 2 MKR (657) speeds up customers’ own processes.

When realizing this project, we connected the phone lines especially in Makro Teknik Express points and aimed at ensuring that the calls from the province and surrounding provinces are directed to Express stores.

As Makro Teknik, we have always given importance to increase our customer’s service quality. In the projects we have undertaken for this purpose, we will continue our development by always being communicable.

444 2 MKR (657) is the indicator of Makro Teknik’s business philosophy.

444 2 MKR is the next step of the systematic between our customers and Makro Teknik family. With 444 2 (MKR) 657 phone line we have implemented considering the preventive actions against any favoritism, discrimination and human error, we help the regional customers reach to the respective Makro Teknik Express point of that region. In this way, we are increasing the communication of Express points geographically with the customer potential.

In order to benefit from a wide scale service with a single number, the only thing our friends should do is to record the phone number 444 2 MKR (657).

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